Giant Lava Lamps

Large or Giant Lava Lamps -Grand Psychedelic Elegance 

Individuals who lived through the rebel-rousing psychedelia of the Sixties and Seventies are sure to have owned a lava lamp or two during that decade. However, only the rich and famous could afford genuine large lava lamps (or “giant lava lamps” as they are more popular called). In fact, many individuals have only seen these large lighting fixtures in the movies, prompting them to say, “I never knew that there are lava lamps that huge!”

Giant or large lava lamps have a maximum height of 27 inches or 68.6 cms. Like smaller-sized lava lamps, these lighting fixtures consist of a clear glass cylinder containing water with globs of wax inside. These wax globs rise and fall as a result of a 100 watt heating bulb found at the base of the lamp. These lamps produce a mesmerizing, psychedelic glow that is unparalleled.

While large lava lamps are gorgeous showpieces for the home, they do have one major drawback. Unlike their smaller counterparts, these giant lamps gobble up a lot of power. It usually takes 2 to 3 hours or more to sufficiently heat up the lamp before the wax starts to rise and fall. More often than not, inadequate heating by a light bulb of lower wattage will cause the wax to just creep up along the sides (not even reaching the top) or stay at the bottom of the cylinder as a huge wax blob. Their large sizes also make them difficult to maintain. It is preferable to use these lamps daily for a few hours to keep the wax from forming the blob at the bottom.

Homeowners who are conscious of the electricity their appliances consume are wary of buying these lamps. Thankfully, lava lamp manufacturers have come up with a better, more energy-efficient variant.

This giant lamp is called the Lava Grande, which is produced by Lava World International, Inc. The Lava Grande comes in an elegant crystal shake with a size of 27 inches. It comes in beautiful purple, ruby red and forest green shades. The green Lava Grande especially is a gorgeous showpiece for homes that have a cottage or nature motif. Unlike traditional lava lamps that use wax, the Lava Grande instead contains glitters that spin in a fan-generated whirlpool inside its glass cylinder. Because there is no wax to melt inside the Lava Grande, the wattage of the light bulb is lower and, thus, does not consume too much power. The absence of wax also makes it easier to maintain. Plus, there is no risk of burns from handling hot surfaces or hot wax.

The Lava Grande is available at many leading lamp and light retailers on the Internet or you can purchase them directly at Lava World International. The good thing about purchasing this lamp online is that you are sure to find a lot of great deals and slashed price tags, resulting from the fierce competition between these sites. Just make sure to check out the availabilities of return policies and warranties in the event that your lamp is defective or has suffered from damage.

Learn more about how large lava lamps are cost-efficient alternatives to traditional lighting fixtures today!

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